Saturday 18 July 2009

Donated quilt top

This quilt top was given to me by a friend. I feel sure she made it a long time ago .She said it was a memory quilt ,or a calendar quilt. Several years ago they were quite the thing to make. She passed it on because she said a lot of the memories were now sad !. None of it means anything to me but I do recognise bits,.you will see 2 squ,s in the middle that have yellow bows . They came about when everyone was singing -Tie a Yellow ribbon round the old Oak tree- that might help date how old this top is , perhaps someone will tell me ,it has only an odd squ,. here and there of proper patchwork fabric. This evening I have machine quilted it . I put the batting and back on this afternoon. I have not put a border on it, it seems to be made from recycled materials, it now needs binding. This person only makes quilts of squares. I wonder if she will change her mind and want it back now it is quilted, she doesn,t do quilting herself, Ah, could have been a ploy,!.
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Scrappy quilter said...

Even though it has sad memories for the one who made the quilt, it's still a very nice quilt. enjoy!!