Friday 24 July 2009


On the photograph this hydrangea looks pink but it is almost red and,very striking and ,the lavender hedge you can just see is absolutely alive with bees . someone,s honey must have been good this last 2 yrs
This is bluebell stroking the fabric we bought today from Kisco-also known as the fabric guild. I needed stuff to send to my daughter in law, bluebell is making a quilt for a friend and needed sashing.
The fabric guild do have a website now and if you live anywhere near middle England and you are a quilter it is well worth the journey.
We were sitting having a coffee at the fabric guild, idly chatting and browsing through a magazine. I came across a page in Homes and Gardens showing a beautiful garden with a statue .Quite unconcernadly I said to bluebell "thats what I,d like in my garden now, a statue of a tall lady" before I could finish the sentence she said " I,m a tall lady, if you give me a jug to put on my shoulder I,ll get my kit off and stand out there"---well I nearly fell under the table laughing , I,ve got a very lively imagination but I ask you, what would the neighbours think, she,s not a bad looker but a greek goddess!!!!


Scrappy quilter said...

That is too funny!! What a nice haul...wish I could have been there. Glad you ladies had fun.

Beedeebabee said...

You two sound like such wonderful friends! Both of you are sweeties!

That is THE most beautiful hydrangea I've ever seen! :o)

cottonreel said...

I look down my garden and start giggling, I can just imagine bluebell disrobing to the tune the stripper and posing with the jug--cottonreel