Thursday 16 July 2009


Today I went off to town.a long trek to the bus, and a long bus ride, I needed shopping not available in the village, like a new kettle. Does 4 yrs daily wear sound about right for the one I have discarded ? The new one is black and metal, looks smart enough .

I sat quilting for a long time yesterday, I seemed to have 3 quilts on the go . not my style of working,one at a time is how I like to progress . Too many quilts on the go and they seem to take ages to complete. Two are now finished . I,ll put these on tomorrow,the 3rd one needs redoing in two places . It,s not quite flat where 2 points meet, a little bump of material that would not have been there if I had put the quilt flat on the table when I was putting it in the hoop instead of doing it on my lap while watching Dr Zhivago on t,v, mmmmm Omar Sharif and Julie Christie , a good combination and Rod Stieger as the baddie .

I also did the dresser that I display the blue and white on . I do have a lot of blue and white pots . I like to wash them by hand . I did them in the d/washer once and they left the odd water mark where they were unglazed underneath .They should be done every month but I had to spend more time on the garden this summer,it,s looking after itself pretty well now though , plus we have had enough rain so I do not need to water.

While I was in town I went to the market (cannot resist saying dot com,. like the advert) I got 4 beautiful shiny purple egg plants for £1 and a pound of button mushrooms 80p, I really enjoyed my dinner tonight, I made muosaka ,mushrooms and cauliflower cheese,

I think it,s bedtime, Ive packed enough in for 1 day . Bless you all


Scrappy quilter said...

WOW your kettle lasted longer than ours normally does. We have hard water and the calcuim build up doesn't do well in kettles.

Can't wait to see the quilts you finished. Your dinner sounds yummie. Hugs..

marlene@ByTheSeam said...

Seems every one has had a lot of rain this summer, gardens flourish. It is cool here for this time of year, I love it, no air conditioner on. Whoopie. Can't wait to see photos of your quilts.

Elizabethd said...

Oh, moussaka, I love it. Please show us photos of the quilts...and maybe of the blue and white dresser.

cottonreel said...

Blue and white on the dresser coming up, Last night I put egg plants on my blog which some people call them, It was late I couldn,t think of aubergines. two quilts will go on tonight------cottonreel