Tuesday 16 June 2009


I really feel pleased with my efforts to establish my garden again . My son did my fencing and the scree but the rest is down to me . I,m a one woman band , the little crab apple tree in the foreground is doing well, perhaps there will be crab apple jelly next year.

Come and sit with me under the bramley apple tree

This pretty plant was a present from bluebell, she assures me it will spread it,s seeds and I will have more of them next year

The climbing Hydrangea was given to me by silver sewer about 3 maybe 4 years ago, She was moving house at that time,and kindly passed it on to me. It is the first time it has flowered profusely. I saw her looking at it last week. I wonder what she was thinking. But it came to a good home .

Just under the tree in the corner are lilies, they are well in bud and will soon flower and fill the air with perfume. I have quite a few lilies in pots. I intend to cut down on pots, the watering is too time consuming, I also feel guilty when using water for pots . I cannot re,cycle enough to justify. In the soil I feel roots go down enough to search for moisture and only need help on the driest times. This year lily beetles have been the bane of my life but I am now more brave at picking them off


Scrappy quilter said...

I'd love to sit with you on that pretty bench and talk gardening and quilting. It would be wonderful.

cottonreel said...

Tt sure would be lovely. We could have other bloggers that we both know and goodies to eat.

Dorothy Vaughan said...

Very nice garden. I love the variety of plants and flowers. Beautiful place to sit and enjoy.