Friday 12 June 2009


These are photo,s of my workroom . about once a month I have a clear up and tidy, Not enough hours to blog, sew,shop, quilt,paint,cook,eat , sleep,!!

This is a quilt almost finished. The blue is a Freedom Batik jelly roll from Kisko where I buy my Fabric. Visit their site www,, a veritable Alladins cave


Karen said...

I have enjoyed a peek into your workroom. Do you know where everything is kept?

cottonreel said...

Hi Karen , I can put my hand on anything in seconds. It,s when I tidy up that things get mislaid. whenever a friend ask,s for something I can go straight to it

Scrappy quilter said...

I love your work room. That quilt is so pretty. I'm amazed you know where everything is in your workroom. I sure can't say that for mine.