Friday 5 June 2009

Silk purses out of sow,s ears

I had two reall
y old wardrobes that I had painted white,they wre solid, had a few curly features, proper locks on the doors and good strong rails .
2 years ago I had new carpets all over, all the furniture had to go out for the fitting. My son said in his wisdom "don.t put these wardrobes back in the bedroom , out them, they,re old"!!!
Ever compliant, I said o,k . So I bought 2 wardrobes from Ikea , browm . Now I,m in the throes of painting them white . They have no character at all . I,m trying to customise them . I bought some wooden hearts off the internet. I shall be putting them on the doors .
There must be thousands with Ikea wardrobes , I feel onlyI had my really, really shabby chic, utility world war two wardrobes .
I might yet go round the charity shops looking for vintage . Son, isn,t as old as I am ,what made him think he knew better . I,m not a new person , I like old,tatty,shabby ,character and tradition.
Iv,e really set the seed in my head now about looking out for replacements.


Apple Tree Cottage said...

We are kindred spirits my friend..... the older and shabbier the better as far as I am concerned!

Hugs, Martha

Scrappy quilter said...

We are definitely kindred spirits. I won't buy anything from Ikea. I'm an antique or vintage girl through and through. Almost every piece of furniture we have (except our beds and desks) are antique. I'd have antique desks too except they are just to heavy.

I hope you can find some vintage furniture on your hunts. Hugs.

Barb said...

Hi cottonreel, thanks so much for your visit and comment at Bella Vista. It is really nice to meet you. I can see you are a crafter....I am too.

Come back are always welcome.


cottonreel said...

Thanks for giving me the incentive to search for somthing old with character,something that matches me--cottonreel

ceecee said...

I feel the same as you about the older dressers. Newer things just don't have the charm. I have my grandmother's dining room table from the 20's and bedroom set from the 30's and I will never part with them. Oh, and also her armoire that she used to store coats in. My husband put shelves inside and I have my T.V. in it in my bedroom. Sometimes I think about painting it white, for a fresher look but just can't bring myself to do it.
Hope you're having nice weather this weekend in Jolly old England. Good luck with the painting. I do hope you're happy with it. I'll come by to see the results.
All the best,