Sunday 14 June 2009

Which,the wardrobe or the Yucca plant

I have sat on top of my bed since 6am,drinking tea ,dunking my ginger biscuit ,and trying to whip up enthusiasm for two major jobs that must be done today .
The wardrobes must have another coat of paint . I might get away with only having to put another coat of paint on one, I,m not sure .Problem being, one isn,t up to required finish, also I had to purchase another tin of paint to do this final ( hopefully) coat of paint .If the difference is too great then both wardrobes have to be done .

The second job is the Yucca. In the revamp of the garden I decided to keep the Yucca for the height and shape of the leaves but the other day it poked me in the eye , not nice! I know it is a major task because I have recently taken one out of my front garden . The roots are long and as thick as an arm.

Here lies the dilemna, if I paint frst I shall have to shower immediately afterwards then I won,t want to get the vapours removing the Yucca .If I do the digging first to remove the offending plant will I have enough energy to paint! .

I suppose if these are my only problems I am indeed a very lucky person .
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Scrappy quilter said...

Beautiful plant even if you have to dig it up. Here we always do our yard work first because of the heat and humidity. What did you decide? Hope you have a wonderful day.

cottonreel said...

I did the Yucca first. It,s always sad to remove a healthy plant but I have to plant a pieris that has grown big and split it,s beautiful large clay pot. Pieris is such a lovely bush it deserves to be planted in the ground .