Tuesday 3 April 2012

I need a shove

I haven't put a blog for well over a week . Nothing wrong , just sheer laziness . I have read blogs and left comment but never seemed to have anything interesting to other bloggers .
I have done a little sewing of stuff for the little ones in the family . An hour of reading here and there but apart from that nothing worthwhile .
I'm behind with my postcard swap .
Yesterday I sorted fabric for sewing , if I can push myself I might put my sewing machine up this afternoon.
For some reason I cannot get a picture on my blog . That hasn't done much for inspiration. Well ! I do have a picture but not one I chose . It is a lucky dip , clicked on a number .


Unknown said...

Good job I read that twice, I thought it said, I need a shave!

Pattypan said...

[shake given] Wondered where you had got to! I love the quilt in the photo - is it one of your lovely makes; you really are a talented needlewoman. I still have a lot to learn.

Take care



Chris H said...

Hi Chick... glad you posted even if you think you have nothing to post about! Be like me and blither on about anything or nothing! ha ha ha.