Tuesday 17 April 2012

A little bit of Busy ness

Four more pair of pedal pusher trousers made for the little ones .

It all started out as 60 cms of fabic for each pair . \something to make that isn't going to be hanging around for a long time staring me in the face and saying get on with it
Another speedy project . Bluebell admired my bag . So, a case of flattery gets you what your after , I made her a bag . I took it to her today , she is a little indisposed for a few days and needed cheering .
This is my bag to the right and bluebells bag to the left
Here in England we have April showers with a vengence this week but I'm sure rain showers followed by sunshine will be good for the garden .It's very cold in between the swers though


Mermaid's Purse said...

Love the bag and the trousers ........ they're all very cheerful!

Pokey said...

Sweet little slacks, and oh- I sure like those bags- so cute!

cottonreel said...

I'm not shy when using colour

barb's creations said...

What a lovely,thoughtful friend you are I'm sure she loved the bag :) Barb.