Thursday 19 April 2012


Oh my goodness! the blog format has changed . I'm hopeless with change . A few weeks ago I had a new lap top . I'm getting familiar with some things but picasa is different on it . I just use to bring up the pictures and add to my blog . Now it comes up with numbered files and I have no idea what is in where .

I did write this blog earlier but it went into an old defunct blog that isn't used any more .

Anyway I digress. On some blogs girls put personalised drawings of birds . Their own comical drawings . I love them . the birdies I add to my sewing are round fat ones . Today I found two that made me smile . One was on Button Floozies  the other on a site called , one I made earlier today .

I'm off to make jam tarts , at least I know how to make them .


toko baju muslim said...

This really is wonderful article ! I simply love’d it !

Chris H said...

I love your wee blue bird!
I didn't like the new blog interface either, but I changed over today and so far so good.

barb's creations said...

Love the birds,blue and yellow together are so yummy.The new blogger I'm slowly getting used to,but why did they have to fix something that wasn't broken?? :) Barb.

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