Saturday 24 March 2012

Back In The Fray

Every thing has been on go slow this last week . I made these pedal pusher trousers for the little ones in the family last week . They seemed to like them so more to be made , Very easy to do . I bought he pattern at Bramble Patch . The fabric on the £3 counter at the Fabric Guild ,the pattern calls for 60 cms . Very economical .

I haven't had chance to blog this week . Other things have been to the fore .
My son came to do some maintenance work on my home . A fresh coat of emulsion on my bedroom walls and the garage on the outside was in dire need of painting and new guttering . The conservatory roof needed washing and the facia too .
Even the mirrors had a fresh coat of paint
He also put a new shower unit in . The old one was getting very temperemental . The thermostat was definately on the blink . Each morning I didn't know if I was going to get a cold shower or a lukewarm one . All sorted now .
The garden is now calling for attention . I usually try to make that my Sunday chore . All though I love gardening it is still a chore . One day work , six days sitting back to admire the view.
Today I have been browsing patchwork magazines. For months I have been searching for a Octopus pattern that I see on Barb's blog . Today I found it in Australian Patchwork & quilting .
VOL 9, No 7 April 2002 . It really does pay to hang on to your old mags . When clearing a wardrobe so he could get at the back to paint my son remarked "there is a magazine here dated 1995 . " I know, I know , just put it back , but it still has the plastic sealed wrapper on sez he .
Just wait till they really have to clear the place.


Piece by Piece said...

Love the peddle pushers, such cute fabric.
You should be all spic and span, painted and repaired with the help from your son. A lot of good jobs done.
I have a list of chores prepared for one of my son's in law when I return from a week's vacation after Easter. They do not involve a lot of work, just things that I cannot lift or move etc.
I know what you mean about "stuff" my children are going to have a lot to do when the time comes.
Have a great day.

Elizabethd said...

How lovely to have all those jobs done. It will be so nice when it is all finished.

Anonymous said...

Kathleen, the pedal pushers are adorable!!
And your abode is going to look all fresh and clean and sparkly!

XO Diane

cottonreel said...

I'm so lucky that my 2 fellas are willing to do things

tales from a handmade home said...

I love the peddle pushers, and with four little girls in the family I think I may have to look for the pattern.

Lovely blog.