Wednesday 4 September 2013

Sunrise , Sunset

I see beautiful sunsets where I live , and the dawn sky is equally as lovely .In the early morning as the sun is coming up the vapour trails from the airplanes are pink and red across the sky . I live close or not far away from two airports so there are always quite a few planes arriving early morning . You cannot hear the air traffic , the planes are still high at approx. 35 miles from the airport . As I look at the vapour trails emerging they remind me of the pretty dyed fabric I have in my stash . I love the  hand dyed fabric I buy at the big quilt shows .

No complaints about the weather this summer it has been glorious . A long time coming perhaps but worth waiting for .

I've had a bountiful harvest of friends and neighbours bringing their surplus veg to me . Home grown tomatoes are always much nicer than shop bought  .

I enjoy sitting with the doors and windows open at night when the sun is going down , only problem is when I do decide to retreat inside I find moths and allsorts of little horrors sitting on the ceiling . Ugh !!! .


margaret said...

like you I love to see the sunrise, had wonderful views from my bedroom window but unfortunately they are building on the land and have lost my view, never mind I can remember it and picture it in my mind.
I also went to the FOQ, a day not long enough as did not see half of what was on show, can only recall one of the quilts you have shared with us on a previous blog of yours, have promised myself an overnight stay next year as I am in Leeds and it was such a long day, left home at 5.35 am and did not get back till 11.15pm, that is public transport for you!!
Wonder where you are in the UK?

creations.1 said...

I am often on the net cruising around blogland after midnight!!! Actually my internet seems to work a lot faster in the early hours of the morning!!. I hope you find something to give you relief for your thumb. I used honey the last time I was bitten by a bee - the pain hung around for nearly a week (maybe because it was on the eyelid).

Caz said...

My sunsets are better than sunrises, as I have an undisturbed view of them. And just lately they have been a gorgeous 'sky blue pink'!!