Friday 13 September 2013

I just could not believe the tomato stuff I baked and blitzed is better than any I have bought in the past . I gave away lots of my own tomatoes  . Never again .
I have red onion chutney in these two jars , I was disappointed with that . It's alright but too sweet . That recipe was in the Asda book . I can improve on that . I bottled my blackberry vinegar this morning . That is good .I also have egg custard here waiting to go in the oven .
I still have lots of blackberries so I shall be making crumble this afternoon .
I was hoping to make a trip into town but I have to stay home and wait for a parcel . I ordered 2 pr,. of loafer shoes from the Daily Mail . If I am not home they will take the parcel back to the sorting office ,
Bluebell rang to say get the washing in , it's going to rain at 4o'clock ,and it did. Very clever that bluebell.


Pattypan said...

Hi Cottonreel

Thank you so much for you kind comments re Molly and the kittens it is much appreciated. I have for some years made home made passata sauce for use as a soup base or pasta/lasagne base roasting tomatoes,herbs, onion, garlic leeks and peppers and then bottling in kilner jars via a hot water bath method. It tastes far nicer. With regard to the postman locally if you are out when they deliver a parcel they leave a card for you to either take down to the Main Sorting Office or you can re-arrange delivery for a time when you are in via email. There should be details on the bottom of the card think it is something like www.postoffice,redelivery or something like that. Hope this helps and I hope you enjoy your pasta sauce. Take care



margaret said...

you certainly have your chef`s hat on with all your cooking. Like you I have been enjoying blackberry crumble but must admit to never making chutneys, pickles etc.