Thursday 29 August 2013

Time Check

I went to bed early . My thumb with the wasp sting was so painful and still is I might add .
I woke up , looked at the clock . Five minutes past five ! thats o,k . I'll lie a little longer and get up . It will soon be light . About half hour passed , I thought oh, well , rain was forcast it will be a dark morning .
I went in the shower, got dried put on my bath robe and made a cup of tea .
I looked at the clock , Oh no ! 2.15 am . The first time I looked at the clock musy have been 1.25 ,I mistook it for five past five .
So! I'm sitting here looking at blogs in the middle of the night ,hand still throbbing with pain . I looked on the internet to see if a wasp can sting more than once and yes it can .
I was dead heading the flowers of the picture I am showing . I had the dead heads clutched in my hand so this little creature felt well and truly trapped .
I heard the milkman arrive , he does come in the middle of the night . I was making my cup of tea . He could not miss seeing me in the kitchen , probably thought  I wonder what this old biddy is doing at this hour .
Ohwell! I'm too much awake to go back to bed now so magazine reading will be nice.
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Chris H said...

You have milkmen?

OMGosh, we don't get delivered milk in this country anymore, haven't for decades!

I miss those days.

I hope you don't fall asleep by lunchtime after getting up so early.

I got stung by a paper wasp some years ago, on the top of my thumb and it stung and throbbed for DAYS! Give me a bee sting any day.

margaret said...

well you were up early, I am often up by 5 but not made the same mistake as you! Think you will be in for an early night and do hope the sting has calmed down and you will be able to sleep

cottonreel said...

Yes ! we still have men deliver milk . It is 75 pence per pint . I stay with having milk delivered because my milk comes in a glass bottle and on my doorstep no matter what the weather.

Piece by Piece said...

Time is about the only thing that makes a sting better, so hope your thumb is improving as the day goes by.
Convenient for your milk to be delivered. No milk delivery for us for years and years.
I can see an "old biddy" LOL, having a nap or maybe another early night.
Have a lovely weekend.

Elderberry-Rob said...

I sometimes creep about at night, it's nice in the garden when all is dark and sleeping. Sorry about the sting, I needed a reminder to wear gloves when gardening, there were wasps in the ivy I was clearing yesterday so I will be more careful. Betty

Barb Oaker said...

Getting up early by accident is a can get a head start on the day. I love sewing when the rest of my house is sleeping. It's trick to get into my sewing room without waking the Scotties. Once they hear me they begin begging to come out of their sleeping quarters. I hope your sting is better today. We have a serious wasp next in the eaves of our porch. Hubby sprayed into their next a few nights ago and that helped a bit, but they are still lurking about.

Today is a holiday (Labor Day) in the States. We will have a few friends over for a cookout. The guys will talk hunting and the girls will talk quilts....heaven!

barb's creations said...

I was stung repeatedly by a wasp when I was a child as it got trapped under my t.shirt when I was swimming in the pool and yes they don't die after one sting like a bee. Hope your thumb is feeling better today :( Barb.