Wednesday 11 September 2013

Busy morning

Sunny but cold .I bought a new silk scarf from Accessorize . I'm a scarf person , a silk scarf is just the thing . If my neck is warm I'm warm all over .
Also the time for making pickle . I was disappointed with the red onion chutney I made using a recipe from asda magazine , It was far too sweet. I'll concoct my own recipe next time.
I have had a very busy morning .I made pastry this morning , I left it to rest . When it was time to get rolling I had a visitor .Although my visitor distracted the time table for the morning I didn't really mind .
He came bearing gifts of Bramley apples , Victoria plums .leeks, and runner beans and pears , all from his garden .
It's a rainy day now but I don't mind about that either . I won't be tempted to go into the garden . I have cleaned the kitchen after my baking and now the day is all mine . I intend to sew .
I have offered to knit a couple of childrens jumpers for charity . A bit more of my time spoken for but another good cause .There are so many needy children , I try to do my bit .
I see so many wonderful quilts on the blogs and wish I had more time, but!!
On Thursday afternoons bluebell and myself sew at a friends house . Last week our friend Ann had a show of quilts at her house. She didn't charge an entrance fee but left a dish for a donation ,the donated funds were for the recreation room at her church . She raised £250. I think that was a wonderful effort . You can also read about it on the blog of Tracing Rainbows .Angela of Tracing Rainbows is a minister of the free church where the proceeds of quilt show went .
Well it is now raining heavily , I shall sit with one of my small bakewell tarts and a cup of tea . I know my tarts should have icing on top but

perhaps too much happiness .


Caz said...

Your Apple pie looks yummy,,,. I hope SilverSewer is okay,, I read her blog via another blog.

Elizabethd said...

What a very striking scarf, lovely colours.

Barb Oaker said...

Very nice scarf. Your tarts look so good. I love it when friends and neighbors share the bounty from their gardens. We try to do the same. Warm regards....Barb

Piece by Piece said...

Your pies look yummy. A nice lot of fruit and veg too.
Love the scarf.

margaret said...

I too am a scarf lover and have already had to get them out with the cooler weather. Sounds like a good time was had seeing the quilts etc and good to see the money raised, Could do with your neighbour, it cost me 67p for one cooking apple the other day, picked lots of blackberries and wanted an apple to go with them for a crumble, it was delicious.

crafty cat corner said...

You can never have too much happiness.
Just found your blog, will be back.
Love the gifts of plums, apples and leeks.

Anonymous said...

I hope your friend Silver Sewer-Anne will return to blogging. I know she felt attacked by some commenters-but she should ignore them and know many of us though silent enjoyed reading about her lovely home efforts and routines.