Monday 23 September 2013

Getting ready for Spring

You cannot start too early getting bulbs for spring planting .
This is a selection I bought today . If all goes well my garden will give lots of pleasure .
I can visualise even now the Tulips . I am always amazed at the beautiful glob of colour on top of a slender green stem .
I have Daffodils and anemones too . I also bought hyacinths for the pots and 2 pks,. of snowdrops .I don't expect a carpet of white this winter , it takes a long time for snowdrops to naturalise . I had such a measly few blooms last year . I know its best to buy them in the green , but lets see what comes through .
I bought 4 cyclamen for a pot of instant colour .

Yesterday the weather was glorious . I cleaned both fish ponds and the pumps so the fish looked swimmingly happy this morning .

I did a little weeding and scraping stuff growing in between the paths so all in all a good and satisfying day.


margaret said...

you are organised with your garden. I leave my daffodils and tulips in but this last year did not have a good show, will see what next spring brings, maybe need to replace them hoping it was just weather related, happy planting.

Barb Oaker said...

What a beautiful collection of future flowers! We are in the process of putting our gardens to bed for the winter. This is also the best month in our area to plant grass seed and we have done a bit of that also. Our days are warm and the nights are brisk. We had a little rain this morning - just the right amount to keep the grass seeds damp. Have a wonderful day!

Wildflowerhouse said...

Your gardens will be beautiful.

Chris H said...

I'm thinking about Spring planting too... veges mostly. And I'm going to try a new plant... it's a hybrid, which grows tomatoes AND potatoes from the ONE plant!