Wednesday 25 September 2013

Day Dreaming

I'm sitting having breakfast and thinking how nice it would be to be walking on a beach . Perhaps living in a cottage with a bus stop nearby to go to market . Ah well ! that's what reading Country Living magazines does .

Onward with the day , I have trousers to alter for a friend and wool ends to weave in on a blanket . Hopefully  a bit of piecing on patchwork but nothing will get done while blogging .

I'm off .

Well after I wrote  this missive yesterday I went outside to do something , the sun was shining and the day was glorious . Too nice to be inside thought I so out came the garden tools . I did 3 hrs,. cutting down and removing brambles . Today I am suffering . I have no energy and feel dreadful .
I have stayed indoors .
I made 3 bread and butter puddings , 1 for the old gentleman who brings me blackberries , 1 for my friends who live opposite and 1 for myself .
I must admit , mine was delicious so the others must have been too . I used 5 eggs to make the custard that the bread soaks in  . I usually use 2 eggs when making just one pudding for myself so 5 eggs seemed about right for 3 puddings .
Bye for now .


margaret said...

my mouth is watering for bread and butter pudding sounds delicious.
Hope you have your energy back after all the gardening etc. I cut the lawns yesterday and did a bit of the dreadful privets, still a lot to cut as I have them front and back, how I would love to replace them but the neighbours would not agree, anyway the purse would not either!
Cottage living in a quiet backwater would so appeal to me, not by the sea but by a river bank, as long as it did not flood, all in my dreams of course, stuck in a big city, never mind

crafty cat corner said...

How annoying it is to not have the spring of youth when things like cutting down etc come around. I know what you mean. Rest though and you'll be okay to fight another day. lol
Mmmmmmmmmm bread and butter pudding sound nice, haven't made one in ages. See what you've done now, I might have to get baking.

Trudie said...

Hello there
I'm sure that you are Silver Sewers friend - if you see her please tell her that I for one miss her blog and that I hope that the two of them are fit and well and enjoying life in their new home - I know that she was having problems with a really nasty troll so can understand her reasons for calling it a day but I had read her blog for some time and just wanted to say au revoire to her - thank you xxxx