Friday 15 October 2010

Some People!!!

A deli, shop opened in the village where I live . Eager anticipation by people who wanted to purchase lovely food that is different to the usual .
Two weeks ago I ask for cheesecake ,reply , Oh no we might not be able to sell it then it would be wasted .
Today , I ask for Pate, no we haven,t any . To say I was surprised would be puttng it mildly . They just had about 6 different sorts of cheese . and some ham.
These people !! do they think they are going to have a business in 6 months time .?. I would say christmas is coming , people will be looking for luxuries .How can a business with this attitude survive . Would I be wrong to say it needs Quiche , flans , cheesecakes, Pate,s , Gateau,s Pasta salads etc,. I will not be shopping there .
Does anyone know where I can purchase the fabric that you sew on and then steam to shrink . It is something new,no one seems to know it,s proper name Shrinking fabric????


By Hoki Quilts said...

'Texture Magic' is the name of the fabric you are after Solomi. It can still be a tad difficult to purchase though. Good luck

Jenny of Elefantz said...

That deli certainly won't last long, Kathleen - sounds like false advertising really, doesn't it!?

Angela said...

The Village Deli may not be that splendid - but I notice that the current star of Countdown hails from your corner of the universe!
love the picture at the top of the blog btw#
thanks for comments on my blog
blessings xx