Thursday 7 October 2010

Down with the knitting pins , outwith the sewing needles

I have been knitting as a change from sewing . I knitted 4 cardigans for 2 two year olds in my family , I forgot to photograph the first cardigans . It made a change from quilting .
A red one for River and a pink one for Ellie .
Now , off to the post office with my parcel .
I have a problem with my eyesight . On Monday bluebell took me to the low vision clinic . They were such helpful and kind people .
I came home with 3 magnifiers , asmall pocket sized one for reading tags and packets in shops, a hand held one and one to place round my neck for sewing . I was also shown how to magnify the sreen on my laptop . I also came away with 8 large print books to read .
That wasn,t the end of the afternoon . To get to the Vista clinic we travelled through a part of the city I have lived in for most of my life , but have not been in those parts for many years . What a revelation !!! I thought I was in another country , I was looking all around me in amazement ,
We passed 3 mosques , people were being called to prayers It is obviosly a highly residential muslim community . Perhaps instead of foriegn climes I should explore my own home town .


Micki said...

The cardigans are just so pretty...I love the colours!

Karen said...

I have not knitted a sweater in over 40 years. It is good to see beautiful ones like you have made.

Angela said...

That's a lovely pattern - can you supply detail please?