Sunday 31 October 2010

How can I win ?

I fancied crumpets , pikelets , call them what you will for my breakfast so off I go to the shop . They were priced 88p . buy one get one free . All well and good but it means my freezer is always full of these bargains !!!and living alone I will not eat 12 pikelets , 2 today , 2 tomorrow perhaps , the other 2 will stare at me making me feel wasteful if I don,t eat them . How can a one person household get round this problem , I seem to waste more than I should .


Piece by Piece said...

I now live alone and having the same problems as you have mentioned.
So! my Mother also lives alone, if we find a bargin or something on special that we both normally use, we buy the product and split it between us. This way we both save money by taking advantage of the sale but we are not overwhelmed with quantities that we woud be using for ever and ever.
This might work for you if you have a friend or neighbour that would be willing to do the same thing.

Elizabethd said...

You could send them here!!!

MyCretanlife said...

OOh! don't talk about crumpets. I can't remember the last time we had any. Think I might have to make some. Now there, see what you have done. My mouth is watering now.

cottonreel said...

I Have the metal rings and they are so easy to make . I must get into the habit of making them . It is so easy to take the easy way out and buy them --cottonreel

Angela said...

How do you eat them?
With marmalade for breakfast
With an egg and rasher of bacon for lunch
With grated cheese and a bit of salad for dinner
With jam for supper
If you ring the changes about time&toppings maybe you will work through your stock quicker!

But out of the freezer they go mouldy VERY quickly - so perhaps posting them to my good friend ElizabethD in France is not a good solution!!