Sunday 10 October 2010

using every minute ,filling every day

On Friday bluebell and I went to the fabric guild , I purchased just a few neccesary bits and then on arriving home found I hadn,t bought the very fabric I went for . I want to do the quilt Snowbound , it has been a block of the month . I needed a pale blue pinspot for the background sqs , I phoned the fabric guild this morning , it,s coming in the post .If you love fabric it is a veritable aladdins cave .
we also called at the garden centre , I bought 2 climbing roses a tray of violas and 2 white cyclaman , and 2 hanging baskets with violas in , the baskets £2.50 each ! wonderful . I put the plants in when I arrived home , it was very damp and murky ,perfect for planting . After putting in the roses I swept the gravel around them to keep the moisture in , Oh ! thought , I have swept a big piece of grey rock on to the rose , I bent down and picked it up , it was a rather large dead mouse , eeek .
Yesterday I thought I,ll just look at one blog only , I settled for Exhuberent colour because she had just posted , I won,t tell how long I stayed on that blog . I looked at so much , it really is so good and very interesting .
Today bluebell and I went for a browse at an antique centre . I did intend to sew this afternoon but a basket of stuff waiting to be ironed took longer than anticipated so sadly no sewing .


Catsngrams said...

Mouse eeeeek. It is the season for them to be coming on the house and so I need to get at setting some traps. I did see one scurry past my kitchen the other night so I had better get at it. Love your post.

Micki said...

Oh, I hate mice a lot!