Tuesday 3 August 2010

Yesterday ,Today,Tomorrow who knows

Yesterday bluebell and I started out on our usual Monday shopping but we diverted to an area near where a friend of mine lives . I hadn,t seen her for a very long time although we speak on the phone regularly . She lives perhaps 10 miles away from me but not on a direct bus route . I don,t drive otherwise I would have visited before .

We both lived in Cyprus at the same time so we always have something to reminisce about . We had a good gossip then went for lunch at a garden centre just a few yards down the road . It was a very pleasant day .

When I awoke today which was quite early , I lay planning the day . I had previously said "no more gardening until it,s time to pull stuff out for autumn clearing " . Like all good plans things changed . By 7 o/clock I was out there with my spade and fork . Out came the Marguerites , out came the dried out foxgloves and the lemon balm , the lilies with the tattered leaves and petals full of holes , poppies that would be seeding all over the place , brambles and other detrius . it looks better already , I can see earth .

I did look a strange character , bugs and beetles bite me so it was trousers tucked into socks , wellington boots , a big cardigan and a baseball cap and garden gloves . I packed in just gone twelve and no bites . I did get zoomed a few times but not bit . 1 up to me .
I,ve been out to look at my handiwork a couple of times , I,m pleased with what I achieved . Autumn planting will be hydrangeas , lavender and tulips . I already have roses .

The label I,m showing on the photo is one I made and put in a parcel earlier in the week


Bunny said...

Love your label, and we have our hydrangaes all summer. This year they did amazing everywhere here. Wish I had a photo of you in that get up. LOL

Kathy said...

Nice job on getting all of that done and that label is beautiful!!

cottonreel said...

Two of my neighbours saw me in that get up , they shouted "like your outfit-cottonreel

Jo said...

Please can we have a bit more indepth description of how you start a beginner on a cottage quilt? Pretty please?