Wednesday 11 August 2010

Another use for fallen Apples

I,ve used fallen apples cooked ,just apple . I have fallen apples with strawberries . Tonight I made fallen apples with grated root ginger and lemon juice and finely shredded peel ,and sugar

I cooked it to a jam consistancy , It has turned out delicious . This was a dummy run. Over the weekend I shall make more .

I wonder if apple with chopped mint would keep or go mouldy. I love experimenting . No measuring just play it by sight and taste.

I use root ginger for many things . I believe it is good for you.


Unknown said...

That's so good. Yes I too use ginger for almost everything. Even just Tea. Winter time I use ginger, cinnamon and gloves. Lovely.
I keep my apples just softly cooked with very little sugar and this way I can use then at later date for pies or sauces.

Elizabethd said...

I make apple jelly, and you can add mint to make a mint jelly which does keep.

Piece by Piece said...

I am making applesauce at the moment with some windfalls and putting it in my freezer. What a good idea adding ginger will have to try it.
Thanks for visiting my blog. You were asking about the stamps on the animal quilt? The giraffe stamps were used on the birth announcement wall hanging.