Wednesday 25 August 2010


My shabby roses quilt is now completed . I have put the binding on .
I am also showing the machine quilting round the edges . I use my Brother ordinary domestic sewing machine .
It will be nice to browse and see what other quilters are doing .
Tonight, no sewing . I,m going to look at blogs and be lazy
Bluebell is now winding down after Kate and Steve's wedding . She visited me today so off we went for lunch . It was lovely to see her coming down to earth again although she will still have her head in the clouds until they return from their honeymoon


Diane said...

What a stunning quilt - you really are very talented. Re your question about touring in France on your own - I think a guided tour qould be a great idea. Its something I would do if I was on my own. There are so many really lovely area's in France though - its hard to choose where to go. I think Normany is so well kept because all the affluent Parisians head out that way for a home in the country/by the sea. xxxx

Jane said...

It must be very difficult to embroider (or even straight sew) that large quilt on a domestic sewing machine and the result is SO professional. Clever lady.

cottonreel said...

To reply to Jane's comment I like to use my sewing machine on my kitchen table , for extra room to take the weight of a quilt I put the ironing board alongside the table , because it has a fabric cover the quilt will not slip about --cottonreel

Kriza said...

thanks for visiting me and adding to your bloglist, I am very happy about it :-)
I'll go and read back you blog, when I have a bit more time. I LOVE your lavenders, they are my favourite too, I have 3 bunches of them in my small garden too.

Mac n' Janet said...

I absolutely love this quilt. I've looked at a lot quilts lately because I'm starting one this Fall and yours is perfect! I love the border of blue gingham.

Melody said...

You have done a beautiful job with this quilt. i love your choice of colour

Carrie P. said...

Just had to come by and say well done on your quilt. I just finished mine too. Jenny is so nice to share her talent with us.