Tuesday 10 August 2010


Sometime in July I posted a picture of a quilt I was working on It is now finished so I,m posting three pictures .
One is the quilt on the bed
The second picture is a close up of the quilting . I used two plates to draw round for the quilting .
The third picture is of the backing
This quilt top was all scraps from my stash . The wadding and the backing I already had in my stock so all in all I did not have to go buying for this quilt
I,m quilting another quilt made previously . My my, its like struggling with a demon. I already had the wadding , it was the right size but it,s almost impossible to quilt . It,s excellent quality but so thick and dense it,s like quilting through 3 layers or felt
Perhaps two weeks time I will be able to show it . I can only work on it for short periods .


Piece by Piece said...

Cottonreel, that quilt is lovely. Looks great on your bed, and not an additional penny spent is a plus.
I am sure your fingers are going to be sore quilting your current project. Can;t wait to see it.

Unknown said...

that's amazing, do youhoop and stich by hand or free style the pattern with a machine? do you have one of those long arm quilting machines? that is just stunning. Today, I managed 10 sets of six squares, I had to keep taking them apart and starting again, as the corners were not square but I'm getting there - I think I'll just stitch in the ditch without any fancy patterns - again! that quilt is stunning xxxx

Patty said...

Your quilt is lovely. What a good idea with the plates. I just finished piecing a quilt top recently and I'm trying to figure out what design I want to quilt on it. I might use your idea with the plates. Thanks for sharing.

Kathy said...

So beautiful!

cottonreel said...

Thankyou all my friends for you comments
I quilt by hand
I use a 14" hoop
I,m concerned that the quilt I,m working on will break my hoop that I have had many years , the wadding is so thick and heavy , I,m really wrestling with it
I have never had a quilt done on a longarm machine . In England it is really expensive .---cottonreel

Unknown said...

this so cute! I love these pink quilt and your quilting is really pretty.
I love this English country cottage look!
best of luck quilting your present work.

sweet blondie blue eyes said...

That quilt would look great in my guest room, just the right colours.LOL.

Wonderful as usual, you have such a gift for putting things together and making them look good.

Jane said...

What a pretty quilt. It must be very unwieldy and heavy to quilt a large quilt, and even more so when the padding is extra thick!

Mumma Troll said...

That quilt is just beautiful, and to do the quilting by hand. I'm not confident to do that as my hand sewing is appalling, so I will be having a go on the sewing machine. Or I could chicken out entirely and send it off to be done, but it might take forever and a day to save up.xx

Unknown said...

I've already bought the thinest batting as I know it's going to be hard to quilt for the first time, I'm just going to sew up and down alternate rows, I'll get onto a pattern another time! I keep looking at that quilt and realised it must have taken weeks

cottonreel said...

I love hand quilting ,It,s quite theraputic going round in circles ,don,t we do it all the time ?--cottonreel

cottonreel said...

That dreadful corner on the back of the quilt is now sorted and is nice and flat . It looked o.k but the camera doesn,t lie--cottonreel