Friday 6 August 2010

The night sky

Tonight 8.45 the sky is amazing the blue is just so blue and the clouds are pink!!, the flowers all look as if they have been washed , the geraniums are so red, really red . my peony and rose cushions look spanking brand new, it must be the setting sun causing this magical few moments . it is just magical .

I,ve had a good day . bluebell rang ,did I want to go to the fabric guild with her , yes please ,so off we went. I bought some very wide white on white fabric and some gingham to back my shabby roses quilt .

Then we called at Asda for me to return a garment.

We came back to my home for a snack lunch , another friend Elaine dropped in , she settled for peach tea and a buttered scone , we three caught up on gossip, Elaine showed us how to make a corsage flower , and brought us up to date on people we hadn,t seen for awhile , lovely afternoon.

When all had departed I decided to have a walk to pick up my prescription from the chemist , called in at the grocery shop and bought 4 melons, 20p each. !!!! , The jar of peaches from Asda 50p , really good buys , the apples from my garden , they are fallen ones but I still use them .

Like I said , a good day . I,m now going to have an early night , I have an interesting book . The nights are getting cold here in England so I,ll snuggle in with my hot water bottle .


Kathy said...

Sounds like a wonderful day and what great deals!

Jane said...

Tutorial please on the flower corsage - they're so handy for dressing up old jumpers :O)

A Thrifty Mrs said...