Wednesday 4 August 2010

Lets start at the very beginning

I was reading the blog of Frugal Queen yesterday , she was asking could anyone put her right to make a quilt , she has cut a quantity of squares .
I left word where she could find two quilts made from sqs on my blog . for anyone else who wanted info ,. look at my old blogs. I had an enquiry from Jo , who left her plea on my previous blog . She had picked up on the blog of Frugal queen so perhaps we shall be seeing two new quilters

Old posts where you can find quilts from squares
13 th may 09-country quilt no,2

21st march 09-A cottage quilt in the making

On this blog, you can see the first step, Join your squares into blocks as shown below . I have here 36 blocks

Your squares can be any size, for example 4"x 4" or whatever
When you have cut enough sqs,. join them into blocks on your sewing machine or by hand

Here endeth the first lesson

when you have got this far and wish to continue get in touch with me again for the next stage


Jane said...

I'm going to have a go at this quilting malarkey. I already have lots of scrap material from my dressmaking exploits so as soon as I can count on a reasonable length of time to myself I shall make a start. I'm looking forward to the quilting bit :O)

Unknown said...

Fantastic! all I need is 1080 squares for my bed and I have only 250 so far! off to charity shop tomorrow to see what they have, thanks so much for posting that for me xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

cottonreel said...

Try starting a swop by telling on your blog what size squares you need .

In Leicester there is the' fabric guild ' they have a web site but fill a car with like minded friends . The fabric is so cheap and it is real patchwork fabric , put Kisco in your google bar and go from there--cottonreel

Unknown said...

hi cotton reel, i don't pay for anything as i'm temporarily skint (until 2012) all my fabric so far is from stuff they can't sell at the hospice shop and the scrap store - i'm going to start sewing some strips together - i've cut every square myself so far - i got the cutting board, rotary cutter and ruler from ebay, used by someone who didn't get on with quilting - i've put a shout out on freecyle for floral material and will get some more soon. cheers froogs ccccccc

Kathy said...

I do wish I had time to learn to do that! Maybe next year.

家唐銘 said...
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Micki said...

Gorgeous! It looks like so much fun!

Angela said...

Lovely. I know there's a quilt exhibition near you at Eyres Monsell Baptist Church on 6th/7th August. Are you going to it??