Tuesday 16 February 2010

Re Smart accessories

Bloomingdales !!!! now there is something else I,ll have to put on my wish list . You see in the neck of the woods in England where I live we don,t have a Macy,s or Bloomingdales .

Bluebell and I went into the town today , I needed foam for Gazebo seating , gosh it,s expensive but it isn,t for myself it,s a job I,ve done for someone else . We did a little personal shopping as well . I bought a pink plush dressing robe and pink towels and face flannels and some socks ,and a very pretty pink chemise all from Primark . Bluebell bought champayne glasses, !!!! then we went for lunch at our favourite carvery , both of us were podged with a lovely meal . I washed mine down with apple juice, bluebell has a more exotic taste ,peach and cranberry or some concoction . Bluebell remarked she wouldn,t sit down when she got home or she would fall asleep . I went into my garage where I have enough space to pin my pickle dish quilt . I have since machine quilted half of it .

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Elizabethd said...

It sounds as though you both had a very good day!