Friday 26 February 2010

Fabric Guild

Bluebell and myself went to our fabric guild this morning to have a final root around , of course we came away with fantastic bargains . Initially bluebell went for 505 spray , I went for gingham fabric . Goodness knows what bluebell came away with but oooooh !! it will be bread and jam again .
These folowing pictures are my purchases . This is called a quilters mix £1.25, I have already cut this into strips and added it to a cheater lone star panel which I hope to add the batting and backing to tomorrow

This is 4 cushion panels, I shall cut the centres out and use them in a floral quilt, the pieces in between I have other plans for . The whole piece was £1,25

Again, ths is a set of 4 cushion panels , I shall add borders and make it into a lap quilt, the whole piece £1.25

These are christmas cushion panels . I bought 2 sets of 4 panels , I shall seperate them , make a patchwork house block to use as a centre block to turn the whole thing into a 9 patch christmas bed quilt , The 8 cushion panels were £2.50. I,m so pleased with my purchases

The turquoise, purpley in the bottom left corner is another 4 cushion panel , I shall cut that too ,I can use it in a Kaffe Fasset quilt . his style of quilts have beautiful bright colours . Some of my friends shudder at such vivid hues but not me.
The bottom right hand corner is floral fabric, 60 " wide, 3 yds £2 . I had 6 yds. It is Marti Michell fabric . down the side it says 1992 but it is in perfect condition. Perfect for backing . So another well spent day in any respect . Once again we have both vowed we are not going near a fabric place again for a longtime .


Amanda Griffith said...

You found some bargains! I love the quilter's mix! Thanks for stopping by my blog this afternoon :)

Anonymous said...

Miss Solomi, Blogger is still misbehaving! It isn't anything you've done. I've even cleared my "cache" as they recommend, but it still will not load my pictures. *sigh* Computer technology certainly tries our patience, doesn't it!

At least if we pick up our stitching we have control over it! ;-)


Piece by Piece said...

You are bargain shopper for sure, great purchases, and you have some great ideas to use all that fabric.

Nina Lise@Mrs Moen said...

Fantastic bargains! I have never heard of a fabric guild; but I sure want to a part of one too.

Barb said...

Love your cheater panels.....and what you did with them!!

Jenny said...

I'm really envious - I want to go again!!!

Mandy Noble said...

I am jealous, never made it to the Fabric Guild yet, the hours are a bit awkward for me but you have made me determined to go! Have fun with your bargains!

Elizabethd said...

what a super day, and what great finds. I cant believe the prices! Fabric here in a patchwork shop can be up to €17 a metre!

Anonymous said...

Hello again, Miss Solomi! It worked! Blogger finally worked and I was able to upload my mini file folder tutorial and the pattern!

Thank you for checking back!!


BeautifulDees said...

Oh what beautiful quilt's, this is something I really want to try.
Love you blog.

Unknown said...

I went to our scrap store and got , for free, a pile of material and our technology teacher at school will make me a template and now I need a cutting mat and a cutting wheel and have a few things for sale on ebay. When I've sold them, then I'll get going on the material cutting and have my first attempt at quilting

Beedeebabee said...

What great finds! You two always come away from shopping with great things and good memories! xoxo

trendy georgia said...

Wow some great bargins..I would definately be patting myself on the back!! I actually picked up a whole lot of one panel but no coordinating fabrics(Durr)and now I can not find any fabrics that match, so I was i9nterested to read what you are doing with yours.
Happy crafting

Micki said...

I love all of your panels and your plans for them. Sounds wonderful!