Saturday 13 February 2010

All good intentions gone

I very seldom have a no go day but I have today . It started fine, then I started to do a quilt that a friend ask me to complete for her . I spent a lot of time then had to ring her and explain there was a problem . It was an old top pieced in the English way over papers but the sewing cotton had deteriated and needed some hand sewing .
I felt it had been a wasted morning .
I try not to be defeated so I,m off to my fabric stash to look for borders to put round my pickle dish quilt .
I,m also crocheting a bereavement blanket . Someone at our sewing group ask would we make small blankets approx 20" squ,. they will go to the maternity unit at a hospital . They will be used to wrap babies who didn,t quite make this life. The mother will be able to take the blanket home with her as a little piece of comfort .
Tomorrow is another day , I hope it is more productive .


Anonymous said...

what a friend treasure you are! to bring comfort to a mum who so needs it...may God bless you many times over for your thoughtfulness!
All was not wasted.. behind every action there is a reason for it, sometimes we just don't get to see it right away :)
A lovely Valentine's Day to you!

Scrappy quilter said...

I love that you are making those crocheted blankets for bereaved moms. Hugs

Elizabethd said...

What a touching idea, sad also, but a sweet reminder for the mother.