Wednesday 17 February 2010

Armful of happiness

Yes I know it sounds shallow but this is my pink shopping yesterday . On the bottom of the heap is my new pink plush dressing robe, then 2 pink handtowels and 4 face towels, then hanging on the side is a pretty pink chemise . Pink and pearls . a weakness I have .

That is my last splurge for 40 days , its LENT, I will give up frivolous shopping . The first test will be Friday , bluebell and myself are going to Bramble Patch . A super , duper , patchwork shop . Its their sale, I went about 3 weeks ago with Silver Sewer , I bought a quilt kit I have yet to do, If I do succumb I will think of something as a pennance . I intend to give up my morning ginger biscuit that I am addicted to, I will not eat after 6 in the evening . I will fast 1 day a week for the next 4 weeks , It will not always be the same day . I must drink tea or other drinks . I could not be thirsty.
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Piece by Piece said...

I love all of your pink purchases.
Did you know--put some pink in your life when you want calm feelings, acceptance and contentment. Pink also provides feelings of caring, tenderness, self worth, and love.
I don't know how people come up with these things that relate to colour, but its worth a read.
Have a great day.

Margaret said...

I love pearls, too. I have my black pearls (for good), my pink pearls from the Arabian Sea (that I bought in Hyderabad), and lots of faux white pearls that I take with me on my trips. I must say that when I look at all that pink, the smell of roses comes wafting towards me.

Cass @ That Old House said...

Oh pink and pearls! Lovely.
I am mad about your pink towels. I cannot find PINK towels anywhere, and I need them!
Love your blog -- am in awe of your quilting skills. Wonderful.