Wednesday 13 January 2010


I,m getting bored now being confined with the snow but bluebell and I went out mooching around yesterday . We did a bit of undercover spying on a wall hanging we saw before christmas. Very ornate , extensively beaded and beribboned, crazy patchwork . £195 . It was worth it if you have that much money to part with , If I had made it I would want that much money BUT it is ethnic so how much did the maker get for making it .

Bluebell guided me to the rail where the pink T, shirts were , I had been saying all morning I,m not spending , but I was weak , pink has that effect on me .

While I have been confined to the house I,ve been eating such a lot of fattening food and sweet drinks and my , it shows , I have a tyre around my middle that would do for a spare on a tractor . I cannot remedy this while it is still cold but I will certainly have to work on it when the weather improves .


Margaret said...

We're still in the minus C readings in New England. Another 4 months and Spring will be here. We get our leaves in mid-May.

That's such a beautiful quilt shown on the bed!

Bridget B said...

Very pretty quilt in your picture. Starting to warm up here in SDakota but more snow is predicted for next week ; ( Keep warm.

Scrappy quilter said...

Glad you got out and had a fun day with Bluebell. Love the little fish on your blog. Hugs

Anonymous said...

If I lived near you, I'd say we should bundle up and brave the cold and walk around the town a few times! I know what you mean about eating cookies and sweets during the winter! Comfort food! ;-)

Nina Lise@Mrs Moen said...

We finally have temperatures over 0 here now, but it will take a while for the snow to go.
I love the quilt in your header, did you make that; it's gorgeous?

prashant said...

That's such a beautiful quilt shown on the bed!

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