Tuesday 26 January 2010

Let them eat cake

Today I had my baking hat on . I had 10 eggs that only had 2 days left on their best before so I decided to put them to good use . A dozen tarts ( the pastry is truly melt in the mouth ) . A coffee walnut cake , a lemon drizzle cake , a plate of rock buns and a creme caramel, I shall be taking most to the sewing circle .

This last 2 days my fish have been on the move , I have counted 7 maybe 8 . I had 10 originally , it,s difficult to count because they keep going back where they have been sheltering over the winter . If I still have 10 I shall be very pleased . I,m not sure when to start giving them feed , I,ll have to do a bit of research .

I,ve had a nosey round my garden . I have a few snowdrops , a few bulbs just about coming through and a few fat buds here and there . I,m surprised anything survived the winter . A few winter pansies seem to be showing the odd flower here and there. I,m really looking forward to the gardening programmes starting on the T,V
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Piece by Piece said...

How I wish I belonged to your sewing circle so that I could sample some of those fantastic looking goodies.
I also envey you being able to see some life in your garden, it will be a couple of months before we are that lucky.


Micki said...

I would have sampled a few of them and the heck with my waistline!

Elizabethd said...

Oh I think you should bring them to our sewing circle!

ceecee said...

That was quite a baking marathon. I enjoy cooking in that way - using things up and figuring out how many things I can make with ingredients on hand. It's amazing the things we can create if we just put our thinking caps on - and have the energy! Someone else might have just tossed those eggs, but you brought joy to your sewing circle. Micki is right - the heck with the waistline! Pass those tarts, please.


Scrappy quilter said...

Boy I'd love to sample some of those. Hugs

helen-mary said...

I'm very envious of your snowdrops. It is -20c here in southern Ontario, Canada. Too cold to even go out for a walk. Your goodies look delicious! Send 'em over - they would keep me warm.