Sunday 3 January 2010


This was my first piece of crochet as a circle, again on a scrappy bit of shirt

A close up of a previous piece

I cannot remember where I got this yarn but it is thick, crocheted up quickly but a favourite . the pattern was for a doily but because the yarn was thick turned out big enough for a tablecloth over a linen one . A sort of topper


Unknown said...

This is my favorite crochet - and I love to use two together usually a plain cotton tablecloth underneath. It gives a nice effect.

Like you I am re-discovering my old crochet.

Margaret said...

I love looking at your crochet and Cyprus lace. I used to do a lot of crochet work and enjoy collecting lacework from places I visit. I also want to learn bobbin lacemaking. Have you done that as well?

Micki said...

You crochet beautifully, and what treasures you are making. I am really very inspired by your work.