Thursday 22 October 2009

Slowing down for winter

Some days my creative bones are on full alert and I,m scribbling and drawing like crazy . Other times it,s a mental block and I,m overwhelmed with too many ideas and bits of paper .

At present I,m mulling over doing a needlecase with silk ribbon embroidery. I have every thing ready for when the impulse strikes .

the adverts in the magazines say sew many quilts ,so little time . How true this is but there are , so many weeds , so much dust, I try to priotitise , a quick flip with the duster , 1 hr, weeding ,a quick browse round , cooking , 1 pot cooking most days this time of the year .

Some days I have to snooze in the afternoon to re,charge my batteries , I call this going into sleep mode, I have achieved quite a bit of sewing this week though .and I do have ideas in the pipeline for a bag with velvet patches and wool embroidery, I have made a start on that . I think a cuppa and a ginger bisc,. and I.ll give it a second look .

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Scrappy quilter said...

And then there's all the furniture moving too. However I do know what you mean, just never enough time to quilt. Hugs.