Tuesday 6 October 2009


This is the quilting I,ve been working on . They used to be called cheaterfabric but I have also seen it advertised as convenience fabric , I think that is a much more civilised term . whatever you call it I like it . It will be on the back of a pink striped chair in my sitting room , I might decide to do some cable quilting on the sides , if I do you will be seeing it again .
Tonight I will be embroidering a little panel to go on a christmas gift bag . bluebell rang to tell me of http://amongthegumtrees.com the pattern is on this site to be downloaded .
Have fun, love to all my friends and the ones I,ve yet to meet


cottonreel said...

To go straight to the site of the bag, click on the c,d disc at the side of the post, Up a gum tree is just below in the green frame-----------------cottonreel

Elizabethd said...

Does cheater fabric mean that it was already printed with the design?
It still looks amazing!

Scrappy quilter said...

Love the quilt!! Going to check out the link in a bit. Hugs!!

Karen said...

I purchased some of the Double Wedding Ring "convenience" fabric many years ago. Paid someone $65 to hand quilt it. That was before I got into quilting. I have no idea what happened to it. I haven't had it for years.

LaurieStar said...

Hello my friend -
What a nice person you are (and your friends as well) to come and visit me a perk me up. Thanks for that. I am feeling so much better seeing all your blogs and talking with you. Thank you! :)

Searchfamilies said...

I have had fabric that as you say been called Cheaters fabric i got it & my DBIL liked so he had it off me & he has it as a throw on his bed for the summer
I like your one it really nice & i bet if you do the quilting on it then it be outstanding
Hugs Janice

Anonymous said...

I don't think I have any cheater fabric but they sell lots of it at our local Ben Franklin and Hobby Lobby stores. It's pretty regardless!

Nina Lise@Mrs Moen said...

Looking at your picture, maybe there is a way for me to get a wedding ring quilt after all... I love the arcs, so I have checked out different ways to applique them, but no luck so far.
I agree, convenience fabric sounds sooo much better than cheater fabric; it looks lovely.