Wednesday 14 October 2009

Digging in the archives

This is a photograph of one of my watercolour patchwork pieces . I was br owsing thro,. photo,s and thought you might like to see this .

I have been searching this afternoon and evening for 2 books I have on ribbon embroidery by Ann Cox , can I find them? no, I have seached every nook and cranny . It is so frustrating . I got the silk ribbon out and set myself up for a bit of creative time but once again best laid plans scuppered .

I can hear loud and clear again now . I have been deaf in my right ear for a week, it,s now sorted.

I had a little sleep this afternoon thinking I would be awake and alert for embroidery this evening, instead I,m tired from rooting around looking for that which is lost ,so, goodnight
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