Thursday 1 October 2009

Best Laid Plans

I fully intended to have a day sewing, sorting thro,. fabric, poke about in the garden . It,s 11.30 a,m and I have done none of thosethings yet .

bluebell is ill with the flu , During the day Monday she was fine , and like a flash of lightening the flu bug got her . Poor Jilly .

Silver sewer visited yesterday with a bag og goodies .3 Sweetcorn , leek,2 small marrows and a pot of her home made marmalade , clear as a bell . I really enjoy these veggies, oh! and a cabbage . I eat marmalade most days .

Yesterday I went to the town , I like to visit the big city, mmm,! It was once a very interesting place , thriving with a wonderful market and boutique shops , a real hustle and bustle . The city planners in their miguided wisdom decided to banish the buses and cars and pedestrianise the place, Oh the High St,. would be pavement cafe culture and wonderful. In reality , no one goes down thse roads any more because the buses and car parks are too far away , the little shops closed due to no business. It really is the most terrible waste of peoples tax money. How do these so called educated idiots get away with ruining what once was one of the richest cities . We were known for our hosiery and manufacturing factories and we made shoes that were known the world over. Of course then every one got greedy sending stuff to other countries to get it made cheaper, Now we have nothing and I mean nothing, city councils ! university educates , ! I say big headed.simple minded know alls that know very little. Well ! thats my soap box oratory for the day, The ordinary man in the street has more brains .


Beedeebabee said...

So sad to hear this...we have lots of clowns running around over here too, and in high government positions!!! ... Poor Bluebell, I'll pop over to give her some get well wishes. Hugs, Paulette

Scrappy quilter said...

That is so sad. So often town officials have no idea do they. Hugs and hope Bluebell gets well soon. Give her a hug for me.