Monday 18 May 2009

Never a dull moment

A few blogs ago, 5, 4, 09, I wrote how I had drank 2 cans of coca cola left behind by my son when he had visited, they had the most extraordinary effect on me! I had more energy than for a long time. I was telling of my hyper day. I had forgotten the effect this had on me.

Doing my shopping last week I thought , the weather is warming up I better get soft drinks for when anyone visits , I got cherry coca cola , and ordinary coca cola.. while watching t,v Sunday evening I was terribly thirsty, I had eaten a roast dinner, perhaps that is why. I had water, still thirsty, so out came a can of cherry coca cola. Mm, that did the trick ! What a result !! 1.30 a,m , shifting around in bed wondering why I kept sleeping for 10 mins and waking up again . this continued through the night until 5 a,m in the morning, I then fell asleep . What amazing stuff . three cans and I,d be raided by the drug squad .

In England we have a programme at 7,o/clock in the evening called the one show.They often investigate way out things, Monday night it was traffic islands . It seems there is a club who,s hobby is traffic islands . The people who support this club are advocating days out looking at traffic islands!! according to the man telling of this, some are landscaped , some just grass, some others , well ! who knows ! I haven,t been on the day trip yet but I,m saving up to go . Yep , we are well known for eccentricity in England .

They also had poetry readings related to the current issue of parliament MP,s expenses or to put it more bluntly fiddles . Some are calling for the speaker to resign. I say leave him there , It,s his mess, he was investigated recently and found to be as devious as the others , let him sort it out ,and then out him. Let him squirm .Hear,hear to the Telegraph newspaper.

It,s the Chelsea flower show this week , so we have something good going on .

We have had a lotta, lotta rain here in England . The plants I have put in my revamped garden are flourishing and getting well established . My friend who visited on Saturday bought me Foxgloves and a decorative grass. they are standing well . I have planted a rose called Sweet memories and Dahlias called My love. These are in memory of my late husband .

I dropped my digital camera and the casing broke where the batteries go in . I have replaced it. It is one of lifes neccesary tems these days .

Well today bluebell is picking me up, remember bluebell ? the one who is scouring all the charity shops to buy vintage looking teacups . She is on the hunt again . apparently there are more out there, so she is after them. should be an interesting day !! I did mention eccentricity didn,t I .


Gilly said...

We have some very pretty roundabouts here. Pink tulips and red button daisies underplanted with something else! Soon the Council will dig them up and put summer bedders in. they usually look very nice, and not too easy for vandals to get there (except perhaps in the dead of night!)

But I don't think I'd join a club!

Vintage tea cups? I have a whole 1920's tea set once owned by my Grandmother and then my Aunt. I remembered it well from tea times and breought it home when my Aunt died. I was thinking of sending it to an auction, as I really have no room or use for it now.

Scrappy quilter said...

Ooooh I'd love to be with the two of you searching for teacups. I have a few that are extra special to me, my mom bought them from an antique store. I use to collect lots, then gave them to my oldest daughter.

This must have been posted before the guy resigned. At least that's what the news is saying. What a mess!! Course we have all kinds of stuff going on here in our country too. I'm thinking most countries do...some more noticeable than others.

Have a wonderful time with Bluebell.