Thursday 28 May 2009

Cematis Josephine

This is a new addition to the revamped garden. Of course it was planted last year. It was a present from blogger bluebell . she bought it at the Malvern 3 counties showground 2008 . It,s name is Josephine. The centre just keeps opening more and more, it is very beautiful .
I was up and about before 6 a,m this morning, I would have loved to have sat in my garden but all my garden seats were covered in dew . must remember to lift one into the conservatory so it will be dry to sit on . nothing more wonderful to sit outside on a morning like today. Dawn broke with the sun already shining . Here in England summer is so unpredictable , today is glorious we have been promised a hot day, but tomorrow ,who knows .

Today bluebell and myself are off to the Fabric Guild , our newsletter says new fabric in extra wide christmas fabric £2. There is always a good selection of £2 bargains.
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Scrappy quilter said...

That flower is absolutely stunning. Have fun today....I know when you can go with a friend it's just so much better. Can't wait to hear what you bought. Hugs to both of you.

cottonreel said...

I shall post a photo tommorrow of my purchases