Sunday 31 May 2009

Alec Bell rose

This rose has been in the garden about 6 weeks at the most, a beautiful intense yellow . the Dauphine are still in tight bud . this is part of the re,vamping of the garden , I,m sure when the roses start climbing they will be stunning.
Yesterday I found a perpetual sweet pea--Silver wedding-- It was a plant bluebell had grown , she moved it for me, Itwas being taken over by mint ,I put a support on the fence, I,m willing it to be strong,It looks sad but hasn,t flopped.
I thought a Pieris that I have in a large pot was dying but when I looked this morning it has a red shoot on one of it,s branches. I,d really like to get it into the garden but I,m running out of space.I shall be paying special attention to it now. I must keep space for when something special comes along .
My pear tree is loaded with fruit, when --Silver Sewer-- came to visit on Sat,.she said I must water it, I don,t usually.
I also found aVialli plant that was being taken over in my herb piece of garden ,that has also been moved . When the fencing was being done, plants were uprooted and put in wherever there was room , now I,m finding them again .Survivers all .
The sun was strong and high this morning at 5 am, here in England , it shines in my bedroom first thing and in my sitting room from about 3 pm onwards .I,m nicely situated .
Checked for lily beetles this morning , only one, they mak holes in the leaves ,and the buds , I shudder when I get them off ,I like ladybirds , but not lily beetles .

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Scrappy quilter said...

Beautiful rose. My favorite flowers are roses.