Saturday 16 May 2009

Another Sharp Practice

Out and about 7.30 a.m this morning for my newspaper (yes I know my choice is called a rag ) I thought , I,ll buy a chicken , that looks a good offer, £2,89 introductory offer , mm, mm. salivating at the thought, roast chicken and salad . Got to be in keeping with trying for a more sensible diet . But you see, I didn,t see, if you get the drift , underneath the £2,89 in micro print was kg , it is printed so small I didn,t notice . It,s difficult enough shpping , lugging budgeting wihout scanning everything minutely .
I have three different eye problems at present and cannot focus properly sometimes unless I pick things up and peer intently . It doesn,t look consumer friendly to do this so I got caught again . I shall still enjoy the chicken but I thought I was saving.
The eye problems will be sorted no doubt when I,m walking with my arms out feeling along the wall.
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Scrappy quilter said...

They do it here too. You have to have your eyes wide open all the time in the grocery store. I wish they'd either go to pounds or kgs, not both. I can understand your frustration..

cottonreel said...