Saturday 16 May 2009

British Politics

This photo has nothing in common with the theme but sewing is my first love, after laughing and having quality time with my friends.
I hope I,m not being controversial but I,m thoroughly enjoying all this stuff that is going on in our parliament . I,m not a vindictive person but I,m laughing at the audacity of these so called well educated, holier than thou , we know better than the ordinary man in the street , characters.
These people take us to war , mar our country with archaic laws , pass laws and motions without even consulting the general public .
I hope all these pompous , self righteous ,know alls meet with public humiliation.
I say a big broom and a clean sweep.
I would like anyone who agees with me about this issue to join me as a follower to my blog, then I will feel I have like minded friends


Gilly said...

Oh you definitely have a like-minded friend here! Well, I hope I count as a friend. Cerainly like-minded. Though I am also very angry. That's my money they are spending!

cottonreel said...

Join Gilly and myself with our sweeping brushes

Scrappy quilter said...

I'm getting a chuckle out of it all and I'm not from your country. We have little kids playing parliament in our country too.

cottonreel said...

These are not little kids that don,t know better, they are smooth characters ,but lets wait and see if the man in the street brings them down