Friday 20 September 2013

The last posy

I wonder will this be the last little bunch of flowers . The weather is turning to Autumn . I picked these from bluebells garden while waiting for her .
We have been to the fabric guild this morning .
At present I'm listening to Tango music while waiting for my dinner to cook . I love Latin American music . I like most music really . it sure makes my world go round .
I have had a very busy week sewing . I look forward to doing some of my own relaxing stuff . I have been altering trousers for a neighbour .


margaret said...

bluebell still has some lovely flowers out in her garden, mine is looking pretty bare al;though I see some buds are appearing on the roses again and also one flower on my mini rhododendrom it must be confused with the seasons!
The fabric guild sounds interesting, have not come across one of those before.
Re the music Chris de Burgh and Katie Melua are two of my favourites but listen to quite a range really depending on the mood I am in!

Angela said...

I thought I had eaten the last fig from my tree - but we found two ripe ones right at the top yesterday. Yum!!

crafty cat corner said...

I've been looking at the roses getting battered and wondering if I should bring them in. It's sad when the summer flowers end but I have the bulbs all ready to put in so shall look forward to the spring.

Barb Oaker said...

I think I picked the last bunch of yellow banana peppers from our garden yesterday. The impatiens will hang on until our first frost. Such lovely flowers and they come in such an array of colors. Each year I plant a different color. Wishing you a wonderful weekend. Fall is in the air here also!!

Chris H said...

How sad to think you are heading into Fall/Winter and we are heading into Spring/Summer.