Wednesday 23 January 2013

Now you mention it

One of my blogging friends enquired did I have a brolly to go with my new spotted wellies.  Well , yes . Bluebell bought me a new brolly for my birthday . I'd always hankered after a clear plastic umbrella .This one is a beauty , it's clear with spots on and my raincoat is pink .
There is still a bit of fashion in this old pussy cat . come to think of it I probably look like sunbonnet Sue . Now there is a vision for you to conjure up .

The last 2 nights I have been watching the British bake off in aid of comic relief . I think it is on all week , it is superb . I have laughed when seeing the novice bakers  eyeing ach other to see what the other was doing .
They kept showing a crusty looking loaf of bread , all I could think about was that bread with cheese and onion . 
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Elizabethd said...

Sunbonnet Sue!!
I have been watching the programme too, but wish they would take it a bit more seriously rather than showing off.

Piece by Piece said...

Thanks for showing your brolly, along with your pink raincoat you will be "Singing In the Rain", chasing those grey clouds away.

Chris H said...

I love your boots and your brolly.
Bread and cheese/onion... YUM!