Saturday 5 January 2013

Over the lazy days

 During the christmas holiday I had time to root around in my offcuts fabric box and decided to use the red .I put this quilt top together . I have looked at it several times and feel some blocks need changing . Although as a quilt it isn't for anything special the saying goes if you can live with it O,k but I have some spare blocks that I think might fit better in the over all appearance .I shall probably spend this evening doing a bit of unpicking .

I could not load this picture in the usual way from Picassa . I have read on various blogs that there seems to be a problem at present . Previously I would have the word browse come up and I was able to choose my picture. This time browse didn't appear . I'm not sure how to load more than one picture now . Can anyone help .

We have had a coupe of drier days with a peek at the sun. Today is one such day so I went into the garden and pulled dead stalks and plants that looked rubbishy . It was quite pleasant tyding about I hope we have another fine day tomorrow so I can do more .

I hope I can get the picassa business sorted .
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Mac n' Janet said...

The quilt is gorgeous just as it is, love the colors.

Elizabethd said...

I couldnt even load one picture, so you did well!
Your quilt is absolutely lovely, very cheerful.

Angie said...

What a beautiful quilt top---I can see using it for Christmas and Valentine's and any time I wanted that cheer red. :) I adore red.

Pokey said...

This quilt is a beauty, but really I cannot resist anything red! The pinks popping in are a nice touch too.
As for your picture loading, I've read Exuberant Color's latest explanation on photo posting, try that maybe?

barb's creations said...

Love the quilt...if you use the html button when you want to post a pic it will come up as numbers etc.. then click on compose and write your blog post and when you click on the publish button your photo will appear on your blog post,hope this helps :) Barb.

Betsy said...

It is fabulous!

Barb Oaker said...

Your quilt is very lush and charming! I really wouldn't change a thing. It reminds me of early summer with ripe strawberries. Scrap quilts are my absolute favorites and this one is wonderful!!! Barb O

cottonreel said...

Such lovely comments . I read and considr every one .Thankyou