Friday 18 January 2013


This is the postcard I shall be sending to Australia for my postcard monthly swap . the theme is happy birthday . It just needs to go under something heavy to flatten it , the vilene for the stiffener has been rolled up. My feb,. card will be memories . I have my idea for that one . I just have to draw it up . If the snow continues to confine me to the house I will be able to do March too.
We are well and truly snowed in , who cares . It's a chance to catch up . 
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Angela said...

Glad to hear the earthquake didnt affect you either! I hope you are managing ok in this snow.

I love the postcard

blessings xx

MyCretanlife said...

Like the postcard.
You snowed in then? We have had quite a bit here to. You watch what your doing in all that snow. Keep warm.

Irene said...

Lovely, colourful birthday postcard

Jeni said...

beautiful post card for someone

Elaine said...

Thank-you for commenting on my blog. I am just getting interested in postcards and just bought some materials to make some. Yours are lovely. 78 degrees here today. Sounds nice but I would love to trade for snow-for a day or two anyway:)

Barb Oaker said...

I always admire your creativity with your postcards. I'm sure the recipients treasure them. This one is especially festive!