Sunday 6 January 2013

Don't go downin the woods today

Some people are just so wonderful

Bluebell and me went to our fabric guild on Friday and lo and behold  Micheal and Jacki had collected another load of tedies for children in war torn countries . There has to be about a hundred here . Such wonderful ladies knitting , Micheal said these ladies are waiting for the go ahead to carry on knitting .

The fabric guild u,k is for anyone to join and they do mail order . Just put it into your google bar to have a look see .  On my next post I will show you my purchase .
I read all the comments about my scrap quilt on my last blog and heeding those comments I decided to change just one piece 5x2 inches . There will be a similar one coming along because scrap bins do not go down far after doing one top.but all the rooting around keeps me out of mschief and stops me falling asleep in the chair .
No garden tyding today , it's cold and damp       k
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tales from a handmade home said...

There's nothing like a good rummage through your scraps box on a cold winters day.

I knitted some of these teddies for our local police station last year, they give them to children who end up in their care, for whatever reason..........those ladies were very busy knitters.