Monday 27 February 2012


Lemons left in the fridge from pancake day . They would not keep much longer so ,

Butter ,6 oz . Sugar 6oz , zest and juice 3 lemons , 3 eggs

and lemon curd for breakfat or tea or tarts or cake .

20 mins , lovely .

Just about the only positive thing I have done today


Chris H said...

Bet it tastes devine.
I love lemon things like that... sweet but tangy!

alliepallie said...

just reminded me of when we made it in cyprus, yummy, going to put lemons on my shopping list xxx

Piece by Piece said...

I love lemon curd, haven't had it for quite awhile will have to make some for myself. The kind bought in the stores does not taste the same as fresh homemade.
Lemons on my grocery list.

Barb Oaker said...

Lemon curd is one of my favorites!! There's nothing like it on English muffins or just out of a spoon!!!! Barb