Sunday 4 March 2012


We had a few days with beautiful sunshine . My garden is still in the choas of winter but a trip to the garden centre for a little bit of cheer .

Plants are beginning to shoot and the fish are feeding . It will be interesting to see the difference in 2 weeks time .

It isn't a weekend for doing anything much except just look out of the window at the pouring rain . Musn't grumble , we are told we have a water shortage .


Sandies' Patch said...

Nice to see some colour.
Which gardencentre did you go to?
I quite like Greenacres and their cafe! Woodlands is good if you want some fresh veg/fruit from their farmers' stall or stuff from Lakeland outlet.
Love your seat, (if you'll pardon the expression!), the one in the garden that is, looks very comfortable.

Have a lovely week,

Sandie xx

Piece by Piece said...

So nice to see some colour in the garden isn't it. I will not be seeing any for awhile yet.
Made some Lemon Curd, from your previous post, had some on my toast this a.m. yum, yum.

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

the flowers are so pretty. We're at least a month away from any green outside here in the US